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This is the International Fan Collector’s Guild Museum, an artistic listing of fans from all over the world.  Each fan is listed by geographical location, and we have listed as much information about each fan as is available.

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COOKING FOR THE GODS, an exhibition under preparation for the Newark Museum47. Hand Fan
Bamboo strips
Length: 45.5 cm
Twentieth century
Catalogue number 47.
Accession number 88.326.
Villagers use fans to create a cool breeze in rural homes without electricity during the hot summers. They can also be used to fan deities in a village or home shrine.Doves, betel leaves, stars, waves, spiders’ webs, and huts are popular motifs used to decorate such fans. This particular fan shows a flowering plant rising from a pot, an ancient pattern in India to signify nature’s fertility.


Ivory fan with sequins