Wedding Hand Fans

Wedding Hand Fans

The use of wedding hand fans are becoming a very popular accessories for many bride’s big day. In fact brides are breaking the tradition and are replacing the traditional wedding bouquet of the brides and bride‚Äôs maids to the hand fan.

The fans have been such a common accessory for weddings because of the latest fashion trend in “Victorian” and “Vintage” looks and feeling. To follow this trends many brides have opt for a wedding gown with has lots of lace, ribbons, silk and sheer material. Instead of a wedding bouquet the fan was seen as a prefect match for these gown.

The hand fans have always been seen as an elegant fashion accessory for ladies ever since it was developed throughout the European countries. The fan was able to enhance the beauty of the user and to also add a touch of mystery. It was perfect match for any brides wedding day.

As hand fans can be used a part of the bridal party’s accessory, it can so be given as a gift for your guests who attends the weddings. It is a great way to say “thank you” and to provide them will something memorable about your wedding.

Wedding fans for such purpose can be custom made to the styles and design to match the theme of a wedding. It can be made out of lace, silk, wood or paper. It can be shaped to your liking and be painted or printed with almost anything. Here are some suggestions:

  • Having a picture of bride and the groom
  • The printed program of the wedding
  • A love poem that bride and the groom likes
  • A love promise written by the bride and the groom
  • The Reception Dinner Menu
  • A thank you note to the guest

There are quality websites which offers personalize bridal hand fans. The prices charge are fairly reasonable depending on what you want on them. And some site do have a minimum order so do shop around to find one that is best for you.

So whether the fan is going to be used as a gift for your guest or an accessory for you wedding it will provide the additional touch of beauty that you wish for as well as an elegant cooling companion. After the wedding, the beautiful fan can be framed as a lovely souvenir or memory of your happiest day.