Hand Fan

Hand Fan
There are two main types of hand fan, one is flat and the other one is folded. Fans have two main purposes:

  • To move air to creature comfort; or
  • Use as a fashion accessories.

A hand fan is a very light and flat instrument control by the hand to cool the body or ward off insects. The fan is of tropical origin. It was believed that it was first discovered from the stems of palms or other leaves and branches.

There are three basic types of hand fans, “the feather”, “the folding fan” and “the brise”, constructed from rigid segments held together at the base by a rivet and joined at the top by a thread or ribbon. With each serving their purposes of keeping the user cool, to be in style, and etc.

Fans can be made out of different material. The frame of the fan can be made out of bamboo, wood, plastic or metal. The webbing can be made from paper, silk, feather, light weight material, wood, and etc. To add more features beads, crystals and ribbons can also be added.

For more valuable fans they can be made from shells such as mother of pearls, ivory, sandalwood (a fragrant wood) and etc. To add more style precious gemstones can also be added.