Intl Society

International Society for Collectors of Hand-held Fans

(in alphabetical order)

Please inform these associations that you were referred by the International Fan Collector’s Guild


  • Associazone Culturale Il Ventaglio


Amalia Filippini Sacchetto

Via di Jano 6

20136 Bologna, Italy


Italian annual membership is:

lira  ____ Regular Membership

USA annual membership fee is

lira  ____ Regular Membership


  • Cercle de l’ Eventail

Membership chair:

Fabienne Falluel

Palais Galliera

10 Rue Pierre

1 ER de Serbie 75008

Paris 16, France


French annual membership is:

francs  ____ Regular Membership

USA annual membership fee is

francs  ____ Regular Membership

FANA (The Fan Association of North America)

no URL at this time

Membership chair:

Address withheld by request of FANA President Selma Foster  September 15, 1998.  No reason given.

North American annual membership is

$30 Regular Membership

$130 Patron Membership

Overseas annual membership is

$35 US Regular Membership

$135 US Patron Membership

FCI (Fan Circle International)

The Honorable Secretary:

Mrs. J.D. Milligan


Rectory Road, Cotishall

Norwich, NR12 7HF



English annual membership is:

£ 16.00 for individuals and £18.00 for couples Regular Membership

USA annual membership fee is

$ 30 US Regular Membership

Elsewhere in the world:

£ 19.00 Single member,  £ 21.00 joint membership