Our Mission

The International Fan Collectors Guild is a not-for-profit, educational organization dedicated to sharing hand fan information from around the world direct to you.  We are pleased to share with you the preservation and history of hand fans.

Guild Profile

We are a group of people who are dedicated collectors, artists and sellers of hand fans.  We would appreciate your support regarding the history and preservation of fans throughout the world.  We are directing our volunteer efforts of a fan website to educate people regarding history and preservation.  It is our desire that our online museum and resource section will enable you to realize the beauty of hand fans.


  • What is the International Fan Collector’s Guild?

The International Fan Collector’s Guild is an online educational organization dedicated to hand-fan collecting.  We encourage you to join our educational organization by contacting the Webmistress or signing up on our mailing list.  There are no fees or dues, just sign up for the mailing list!

  • Can I join  the International Fan Collector’s Guild if I live outside the US?

Absolutely. We have men and women members from as far away as Spain, France, England and Italy!

  • Are you available by paid subscription or newsletter via mail?Sorry, we are not available off-line.  We recommend you consider joining a fan organization listed on The International Society for Hand-held Fans for receiving newsletters via mail.
  • Are you a legal non-profitlisted under code 501 C-3 in the United States?

No.  We are a group of people committed to providing a free resource and free information about collecting hand-fans.   Any sale or purchase made on this website is not tax-deductable.  Furthermore, you should treat any sale made on this website as income and declare it on your income taxes for reporting purposes.  For further information, please see your own tax specialist and also our disclaimer section.

  • What else can I look forward to on The International Fan Collector’s Guild’ website in the future?

Join our mailing list to find out!