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Artist’s Fans for Sale

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Camelot Enterrpises creates fans to match your Rennaisance Faire Costume.  Custom made from a variety of feathers, beads and leather, Cynthia can work with you to enhance your image, or simply your fan.  A variety of fans are available pre-made. Prices for standard fans begin at $20.00, Ostrich fans begin at $40.00.  Prices do not include gemstones, mirrors or shipping/handling.   Custom orders are always welcome. Price: varies, due to custom workURL: Camelot Enterprises

Location: Bristol

Updated: Ocotber 18, 1998



Allegresse FansOriginal artwork created by Montreal artist Monique Laramee

  • 3 peacock feathers, Guinea feathers and natural branch. Price: $20.00 US
  • Pigeon Fan. 2 pigeon wings. Guinea  feathers, natural branch and indian beads. Price: $50.00 US
  • 14 Peacock feathers fan, Guinea  feathers pelt  Price: $35.00 US
Price: variesURL: Allegresse Artistic Services

Location: Montreal, Canada

Updated: September 20, 1998



This is our collection of fashionable, high quality hand fans by Rafa Teja Atelier. All these fans have been carefully hand-crafted by skilled artisans and feature beautiful, contemporary style, mixed technique paintings on 100% silk crepe backings. The backings are mounted on long lasting, nicely finished rosewood ribbings.Length when plied: 27 cm (10.6 inches). Span: approximately 49 cm (19.3 inches). Weight: 60 grams (2.11 ounces).

Prices include worldwide registered mail shipping.  The fans here have been sold.  Please check the website for A Cool Breeze to see their latest fan offerings

Price: variesURL: A Cool Breeze

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Updated: September 20, 1998

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