Malcolm Cox, fanmaker

Handmade Fansticks and parts

for fanmakers and lacemakers

Fan KitsMake your own kit at home with a variety of hand-crafted materials!


Malcolm Cox has been creating handmade fan sticks and parts for museums, collectors and artisans for many years in his workshop in Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland.

He currently has Fansticks and Display cases for sale.  He has chosen to announce his new Fan Kits in a variety of styles and shapes on the International Fan Collector’s Guild website!

Malcolm is the chosen artisan for the new Millennium Fansticks for the Fan Museum in Greenwich, England.  Many have already been sold, and the Museum can be contacted directly for orders.  They have a limited supply of 500 fans available.

Malcolm now has a variety of Fans, Kits and other custom items to make your fans at home.