Best Pedestal Fans Review

The outdoor environment can be gruesome, especially during summers. Since there are no AC settings outside, it is vital to have a handy solution to enjoy the air while sitting on your porch or enjoying breakfast in your backyard.

The most natural alternative is to buy the best pedestal fan, which is portable as well as highly affordable. A pedestal fan is not necessarily for the outdoors, but it is an affordable cooling appliance that you can use anywhere in the house as far as there is an electric port to plug it in. This review is to help you find the best pedestal fans on the market.

4 Best Pedestal Fans Review

In this section, we will go through the top-tier models in pedestal fans that are good value of money and highly satisfactory in performance.

Lasko 1646 16″ Remote Control Pedestal Fan

Lasko 1646 is a free-standing pedestal fan which is energy efficient and quiet in operations. Usually, the pedestal fans make a lot of noise, but this one does not disturb anyone in the room.

There are three-speed settings with this model that makes it suitable for the entire house and different seasons. Because of the adjustable height and tilt-back head, this model gives you the flexibility to adjust itself according to your needs. You can tilt the head and target the flow of air front-facing, towards the ceiling or the floor.

About the oscillation, the fan head moves from right to left to offer comprehensive coverage of the area. This way, you can set it up in a large room and enjoy fresh air throughout.

One of the most exciting things is the wireless remote that allows you to change the speed settings or use other features of the fan from a distance. You can also set turn on and off timer from the remote.

It is not a pre-assembled model, but you will find the assembling process simple. From the manual given along, you can follow the instructions and assemble the fan in no time.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Quiet in operations
  • Wide oscillation
  • Comes with a wireless remote


  • The height of the fan is not as tall as the other standing fans

HONEYWELL Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan White with Remote Control

Honeywell is one of the most trusted brands in pedestal fans. This model is among its ultimate creations. You will find the performance entirely satisfactory, and it works quietly, without making a sound while you sleep or do household chores.

The three-speed settings give you the choice of selecting fan speed as per your requirements. Interestingly, there are three breeze options as well that you get with this model – variable, breezy, and constant.

The oscillation is quite impressive. The moving head of the fan makes sure that every member in the room gets to enjoy the cool breeze. The wireless remote is quite efficient and handles all the settings and instructions, saving you from the trouble of getting up every time and make manual changes.

It is also an energy efficient model that give some rest to your air conditioner and help you save money on the bills. You will have to assemble the model by reading from the instruction manual that tags along with the package.


  • Energy efficient model
  • Does not make noise at all
  • Quite efficient in performance
  • Comes with three-breeze options


  • Assembling of the fan can be a little challenging

Lasko FBA 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan

From Lasko, this is another fantastic option made with uncompromised quality and efficient features. It is also equipped with three-speed settings. It is a stunning body, crafted in black color. You can place it in any house settings to add more glamour to the home.

The oscillation is so good that even from a distance, it can evenly spread air in the entire room. You can expect wide-range of swing to 90 degrees.

The height of the fan is 16 inches, which is equal to the standard fans available on the market. It is an ETL listed and patented model that comes with a fused safety plug. The height can be adjusted to 47”.

Since it does not come pre-assembled, you will have to assemble it yourself. It can be done quickly by following the instruction manual. All in all, this is a reliable product that you will find economically-priced and quite useful.


  • Suitable for offices and homes
  • Wide ranged 90-degree oscillation
  • Can be adjusted up to 47” in height
  • A very economically priced and effective model


  • Some buyers complained that it is not as quiet as competitive models

Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan Black With Remote Control

From the Honeywell brand, here is another smart pedestal fan which is equipped with mind-blowing features. This model is quite similar to the one I have already mentioned above from Honeywell.

So, there are three-speed settings and three breeze settings which make this model more competent. With this one set-up in the room, you are advised to use a ceiling fan to increase air circulation.

It comes with a remote control that helps in easy management of the fan from far away. It has all the other strong qualities like being energy efficient, quiet, high oscillation and distribution of air, etc.

It is an all-inclusive model with compelling performance. You will never have to regret this purchase.


  • 3-speed and 3-breeze function
  • Great in performance
  • Super-fast and per oscillation
  • Stunning looking fan


  • The customer service is not as responsive if the fan causes a problem


For the people who wish to save money on hefty energy bills, the best pedestal fan is a must-have. All the models discussed above are energy efficient and work quietly. My favorite is the HONEYWELL double blade 16 pedestal fan as it has highly productive features.

All the other options advised in this list are equally promising. You can make a selection based on your personal choice as they are more or less similar in features and prices.

Rest assured that any of these models will not disappoint you as far as performance is concerned. Happy Shopping!