Best Floor Fans Review

There are various methods to keep yourself cool during hot seasons. Many people opt for staying hydrated, wearing thinner layered clothes, or consuming foods that are known to lower body temperature.

However, most times, these precautions are not enough and more needs to be done to keep cool. Keeping all the windows open to help with air circulation and allowing in natural-breeze sometimes isn’t sufficient. Sometimes, what we require is a machine continually supplying us with a cooling breeze.

Floor fans are an excellent remedy to any heat disturbance that you might be experiencing. That’s why you need the best floor fans for all your cooling needs. They are not bulky, very portable and you can set them up anywhere: in your home, in your workplace.

Best Floor Fans Review

Lasko 3520 20” Cyclone Pivoting Floor Fan

This floor fan is known for its durability. It can either be angled up or down and blows cool air to cover an ample space. It is quiet and makes little noise when running, even at its highest speed. It is very portable and does not require any complicated settings to operate.

Its speed control button is placed in the middle of the back side where it can be easily located and does not come with remote control. It requires no battery for its operation. The Lasko 3520 20” cyclone pivoting floor fan comes in a neutral colour that makes it perfect for an office setting.  It has an adjustable fan head pivot so it can be easily directed in the direction you want it to blow air. It also comes with a safety plug.

It is very lightweight. It doesn’t take up much space. It can be easily transported.  The floor fan has well-enclosed fan blades to prevent any form of domestic accident. It consumes low wattage of power. You do not need to use an air conditioner as this fan is capable of keeping the room cool and aerated all day long.


  • Doesn’t make noise even at its highest speed.
  • Made of lightweight materials and can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.
  • Not expensive to run on electric bills.


  • Motor of the fan is not sealed hence this fan is not suitable for outdoor events.
  • Plastic used in its production is thin and is susceptible to mechanical damage.


 Lasko 20” High-Velocity QuickMount

This high-velocity fan has been built to last. It is made with a powerful motor and strong metal blades that provide strong air flow. It can easily be transformed to wall mount with its QuickMount. It is not difficult to assemble and does not require tools to assemble.

It has three speeds, and even the lowest speed is enough to cool off the room in hot weather. The Lasko 20” high velocity quickmount has rubber pads, and this is to prevent it from making dents on the concrete.

Its cage can be easily unclipped in case you want to scrub blades or cage. It has a built-in handle that allows it to be easily transported anywhere.


  • Sealed motor and is hence suitable for outdoor use.
  • Powerful and has excellent airflow, cooling the room in no time.


  • Noisy in the medium and high speeds.


B-Air FIRTANA-20X High Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan

This fan is sturdy and comes in the perfect size that makes it suitable for different locations, ranging from the living room to the warehouse to the kitchen, and even in your garage. It has excellent airflow even at its lowest speed. It has three speed settings.

It has a rubber shock absorber that prevents unnecessary vibration as it runs and also prevents dents to the solid ground. Its speed control button is located on its motor and can easily be switched to change speed. It has durable metal blades and metal shrouds.

The B-Air FIRTANA-20X high velocity electric industrial and home floor fan has a versatile stand that can be hung on the wall, or angled backwards or angled forward depending on your choice. It has a portable handle that makes it easily transportable plus it doesn’t take up much space. It is very compact to be so powerful.


  • Fan can be easily disassembled in case you want to clean or scrub the fan
  • Provides a powerful airflow and excellent air movement.
  • Involves easy set-up as it comes assembled, so you only need to attach the stand


  • Makes a lot of noise


Master PROFESSIONAL MAC-12F High Velocity Direct Drive Floor Fan

This floor fan is durable, which makes it suitable for many environments such as the kitchen, garage, warehouse, workshop or barn. It is very portable and is easily transported. It doesn’t take up much space; it can be rightly described as small and compact.

It has three speed setting and generates powerful airflow and excellent air circulation. The Master PROFESSIONAL MAC-12F high velocity direct drive floor fan comes already assembled and does not require any assembling. It is well-built and strong and is not easily damaged because of its steel construction.

It does not oscillate, but it can be easily angled up or down. It is straightforward to disassemble in case you want to clean or scrub the blades. It has a yellow blade set that gives it a very appealing look. It is well known for its longevity.


  • Generates powerful air flow.
  • Very portable and compact and can be transported anywhere.


  • Noisy even at its lowest speed.
  • Open motor and will not be safe with toddlers or pets in the home.

A floor fan is a must have for any office or home. Every floor fan has its unique features and whatever your cooling needs are you can find in these floor fans. The must have phrase that most individuals look for in a fan is: portability and effective air flow, and these floor fan possess all these and more. There’s no need to wallow in heat and discomfort when you can allow these floor fans to cool you down. They are easy to carry even when you want to travel and do not take so much space and also easy to store when they are not being used.