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Original thread crochet fans & unique hand crocheted gifts.   Crochet Memories is a home based business owned by Ron & Cylinda Mathews.   Three type of fans available:Mom’s Pineapple Fan.  Description: This lovely fan is designed using pineapples, shells and lacets to create a beautiful fan for mom or for anyone special on your gift list. Trimmed in silk flowers, lace and ribbons. Comes with care instructions.

Diamond Windows Fan. Description: This intricate fan has diamond shaped windows in the design followed by another row of diamonds creating a lacy edging. Crocheted in black it becomes a dramatic Victorian accent piece. Comes with care instructions.

Fan of Hearts Description: Three lovely pineapple hearts form a beautiful pattern for this unique fan. Trimmed in lace, silk flowers and ribbon. Comes with care instructions.

Price: $31.95 eachURL: Crochet Memories

Location: California, USA

Updated:Ocotber 18, 1998

Legendary Japanese Gifts – Maste Japanese fans

Beautifully crafted from Akita Suji, a Japanese cedar tree, the history of these fans date back to the Nara era, 710 A.D., where they were popular among Japanese aristocrats. Today, Master Artisan Yamauchi replicates the traditions of the past creating his own patterns and delicately carving each open work wood fan by hand.

Displayed on a base of Akita Suji, these magnificent art treasures are prized as “good luck” symbols and are given as wedding gifts, for a new home or office or as designer collectibles.

There are currently five designs. A printed descriptive history of the ornamental fan is enclosed in a gift box with each piece.

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