Fan sections

Can you guess what the words represent?

Leaf, Guards, Sticks, Head, Rivet, Loop

Scroll below for the answers

Leaf-the upper applied area of a fan.  The leaf is usually created out of a thin, pliable material, and attached to the upper sticks of a fan.

Guards-furthermost exterior sticks of a fan

Sticks-sectional units of the fan which support the leaf and create the internal binding for the entire fan

Head-The bottom section of the fan, where all the sticks are fastened together with the rivet through a hole

Rivet-a pin which penetrates the head of the fan, assembling the sticks together in a stacked form.  When inserted correctly, the sticks pivot on the rivet, and do not bind together

Loop-the ring attached to the end of the fan at the rivet’s head.  The ring is usually made of wire