Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller

Location: Kennesaw, Ga USA

     I collect fans mainly for two reasons. The first is that my aunt was   That made me think about fans in a way I hadn’t before.The second reason I really started collecting seriously happened one day while I was sitting in church. Our churches didn’t put in air conditioning until lately, so I was raised with a fan in my hand. As the child of a preacher, I spent many long hours in the church, and while most of them were wonderful, some grew long and tiring. During one such service, I was tired and bored. I happened to glance down at the fan I was holding. It was the standard funeral home fan similar to every other fan I had ever seen in church, but this time the advertising quote caught my eye and tickled my funny bone. This advertisement for a Funeral Home, boldly proclaimed, “If you want to know how good we are, ask someone who’s used us.” The impossibility of that statement cracked me up. From that moment I was fascinated with advertising fans. I love them!

My favorite fan: Has to be the afro mentioned funeral home fan.

My best fan purchase: a fan that I hope is ivory, but am not convinced it is. I paid $10 for it at an Estate Sale. If It’s not really ivory, it still a beautiful fan.

What I do with my fans: I have a gorgeous trunk where I keep them all now, but I am dying to find out new ideas from seeing how others display theirs.