Fan Tours

If you are a fan collector or admirer, get ready to drool!  Some of the world’s most fabulous fans are on display, and for sale, in Paris and England, and we’ll see them on Gilded Age Tours Vintage Shopping Tours of Paris and England.  Our small group of enthusiasts will visit flea markets, boutiques and dealers who sell a dazzling selection of 16th-20th century fans.  We’ll also visit some of the best costume and accessory exhibits in the world, including the Musee de l’Evantail (fan museum) in Paris and the Victoria & Albert Museum costume exhibit in London.  In most cases, we’ve arranged for private showings of vintage clothing and accessories at these museums, including viewings of parts of their collections not usually open to the general public.  You’ll be escorted by vintage clothing/textile experts who will take you to their favorite boutiques and markets to purchase fans and other accessories. Your Paris tour escort speaks fluent French, to help you negotiate the best prices on your finds!

On our Legacy of Lace tours, discover the lacemaking traditions from which came the world’s most beautiful lace (which was often used in fanmaking).  Learn lace history and identification with noted lace authors, historians and collectors as we visit the regions most famous for European lace.  Buy antique lace, lacemaking supplies and lace accessories in shops and markets as we travel.  The lacemaking regions are among the most beautiful places in Europe, and we’ll be seeing the sights as we explore the legacy of lace.

To make your trip a total vintage experience, we’ll eat in restaurants dating from the 18th-early 20thcentury, stay in charming, old hotels, and visit beautiful neighborhoods and unusual sights that will transport you back to the elegance and grace of long ago. Please join us for an unforgettable vintage vacation!