Mass-Market fans

APANESQUE UCHIWA. (Japanese Fan)Traditional accessories carried by both men and women. The first fans are believed to have been introduced to Japan from China during the Nara period (710-794). Includes Uchiwa with bamboo ribs, Uchiwa with plastic ribs, and Maru-e-uchiwa and Sugi-e-uchiwa. All fans pictured are modern.


Sensu – Japanese Folding Fans

A vivid display of Paper Japanese Folding Fans (Sensu) for sale. Also Sensu stands and cases too.

(Decorative Folding Fan)

SENSU (Japanese folding fan) originated in Kyoto in seventh Century (ca. 670 A.D.). It is made of just Bamboo and Paper. Those with white papers were often used by young lords and ladies in the middle age to write down a love poems on it and was presented to their sweethearts. Some devoted Buddhists had used those white paper fans for copying some important paragraphs of Sutra and kept them at hand.


SENSU with a Paper box and a Stand.

Price: $15.00-33.00 USContact: Japanesque!

Location: Chiba, Japan

Posted: March 23, 1998

Has very inexpensive fans, for craft projects and party give aways.  The catalog is much more robust than the website-call for their free catalog.Price: From $1.80 USContact: Oriental Trading Company

Location: USA

Posted: March 18,2000

Decorative Home Fan Accessories.  2 Fans & Bamboo Fan Mount availablePrice: From $50 USContact: Home Boutique

Location: Novato, California

Posted: March 18,2000

2 pages of fancy decorative fans available, most in the $100 rangePrice: $100 USContact: Sensu Fans

Location: Tachikawa,Tokyo

Posted: March 18,2000

Over 100 styles of fans featured, with 12 slow-loading catalog pages available to view.  Prices in US dollars.Price: From $10 USContact: Chiang Mai Imports

Location: Thailand

Posted: March 18,2000