Mass-Market fans

Mass-Market Fans

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Variety of Japanese paper fans for saleContact: Bamboo WoodURL: Bamboo Wood

Location:  Tokyo, Japan

Posted: October 10, 1998

Fan Fair Hand Made Fans.  A variety of imported fans for saleContact: Silk RoadURL: Silk Road

Location:  Pennsylvania, USA

Posted: September 20, 1998

History of Korean Fans & fans for sale.Price:URL: Jinny’s Gift Shop

Location: Korea

Posted: March 23, 1998

The Language of Fans
Many cultures have enjoyed intimate communication through the use of the hand fan. Combine this delicate art with the scent of sandalwood, said to be the highest spiritual fragrance, for an instant celebration of wooing and aromatherapy. Our “how to” guide entitled The Language of Fans circa 1887 will help you learn historical nonverbal cues by fluttering, snapping, and peeking over your enticingly scented fan. We encourage you to create your own private language and meaning for the gestures and movements. Presented in a gift box.
Price:  $10.00 USURL: Stratton & Company

Location: California, USA

Posted: March 23, 1998

Breezer fans are fans that are flat and can be mailed.  Patented design by the Breezer Fan Card CompanyPrice: varied per orderURL: Breezer cards


Posted: March 23, 1998

Custom imprinted hand held advertising fans for salePrice: $1.04-$1.37 each, based upon quantity orderedURL: Spirit Line

Location: Texas, USA

Posted: March 23, 1998

Variety of Japanese paper fans for sale, based upon nature.Price:URL: W-Hat

Location: California, USA

Posted: March 23, 1998

Variety of fans for sale: Handmade, Publicity, Souvenir and CollectablePrice:Contact: Vifema

Location: Valencia, Spain

Posted: March 23, 1998

Dealers of Spanish Fans for Flamenco Dancing.Price:URL: Lands Far Away Imports

Location: Florida, USA

Posted: March 23, 1998

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