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# 4157. A mid nineteenth century “Candle Fan”. The bronze footed ‘tube’ holds a fan that when removed and attached to the top of the device would be used to protect a ladies make up from the heat of an open fire. 9½” tall. The fan {shown closed in the photo} is very limp and has many edge tears. We have had this item many times in the past; it was produced in a variety of styles {always Gothic} and sizes. On a very small folded piece of paper was included the information: “Grandma Cook’s old fashioned candle shade – given to my mother by her sister Min in 1928 – Eliza M. Hammond.” The metal may have been gilt at one time. Also, there is usually a paper label with name and patent information under the base of the item: it is missing.

Price: $565.00 US

Contact: The Dance Card Museum

Location: Newport, RI, USA

Posted: December 15, 1998

Probably from the ’50’s, this Safety First fan is 14″ from top to bottom. there is a small amount of wear on the front, but there are no tears.

Price: $18.95 US

Location: Gainesville, FL, USA

Posted: November 20, 1998

This tiny fan epitomizes the lovely Victorian style!  The fan is handmade of delicate ivory lace. It was carefully folded in to a tiny fan and then fastened at the bottom with festooning ribbons and bows. The satin bow is perfectly accented by a pink satin rose and three tiny mauve rosebuds on thin green stems. The fan is just under 1 1/2″ at its widest point and 1 1/2″ to the bottom of the ribbons. It was fashioned with a backing of some sort of mesh material. It is in absolutely perfect condition.

Price: $25.00 US

Location: New York City, NY, USA

Posted: November 20, 1998

Chinese Ivory Brise Fan. This fan bears a strong resemblance to the fan pictured on page 46 of the book Fans by Nancy Armstrong.  It is in near perfect condition.

Price: $1300.00 US

Location: ______, USA

Posted: September 28, 1998

Smokey The Bear Cardboard Advertising Hand Fan. 12″h. Circa: 1960’s. Advertising FrigiKing Auto Air Conditioners. Excellent condition. See photo of close-up below.

Price: $25.00 US

Location: Terrell, TX, USA

Posted: September 28, 1998

Putnam dyes fan with peacock in full color. Great condition, slight wear. Backside has Putnam ad, with “Compliments of City Drug Store, Wabasso, Minn.”

Price: $20.00 US

Location: Cannon Falls, Southeast Minnesota, USA

Posted: September 28, 1998

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