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Fan Related Items for Sale

For Sale: Art Nouveau: Alphonse Mucha  ID: C089
Fan Design
Published by Champenois, Paris, circa 1901, with inscription advertising the Belle Jardiniere department store, Paris.
Grade I
Price sold: $750.00Postcards International

Location: Connecticut, USA

Posted: May 6, 1999

For Sale: Art Nouveau: Japonism Postcard ID: 080
Man carrying sword in stance with outstretched fan. Monogrammed.
Grade I/II
Price sold: $65.00Postcards International

Location: Connecticut, USA

Posted: December 15, 1998

Victorian paper scrap sheet of 12 ladies.  2 ladies which total four pieces of the 12 piece sheet are carrying fans.  Sheet is in mint conditionPosted: December 15, 1998
Renoir’s Woman with Fan Reproduction Oil Painting; Femme a’ l’EventailPrice: $345-$545Contact: Isabel Art Gallery

Location: Paris, France

Posted: March 18, 2000

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